Auditions – Some Questions Answered


As you’re well aware if you check this blog, auditions for The Tempest begin on Saturday. Yes, we know that it’s a holiday weekend and some people are away, and we’re sorry about that, but as our guest directors both live out of town, we need to work with their schedules.

That said, we’re also aware of a couple of other things too. One of them is that not everybody who wants to audition will have something prepared. Fair enough; come as you are. The other is that some people have asked about subsequent auditions. To this we say we’re sure we’ll hold some more over the next week, but as we need to get started with rehearsals, if you’re out of town this month, you might miss them.

But come along on Saturday. Craig Pinder, our guest director, will be there, as well as members of Ringplay, the production company behind The Tempest!

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