Join Us

Ringplay is dedicated to furthering the development of the arts in The Bahamas by Presenting the best in national, regional and world theatre.


Want to be a part of Ringplay? You can join in one of two main ways:

  • By Invitation: Been around the block a couple of times? Made a name for yourself on the Dundas stage? Even Better – are you a willing and reliable worker behind the scenes? We’ve got our eye on you. We’re looking to invite veterans of Bahamian theatre who share our mission to join the company.


  • By Apprenticeship: New to the theatre? Got a burning desire to perform, or to work behind the scenes, but don’t have experience? Experience has shown us that it’s not talent that gets you ahead in theatre; the most valuable qualities any person involved in Bahamian theatre can have a commitment, flexibility, and an eagerness to grow. So! Newcomers to the theatre who are interested in learning about theatre, especially young people who are thinking about studying theatre abroad, can sign on as apprentices in Ringplay productions, and will be given the opportunity to take part in the workshops, you’ll become eligible for membership. And in the meantime, you’ll be racking up experience for you CV!
    Or you can collaborate with us


  • By Affiliation: Interested in working with us from time to time, but too busy with other commitments to be a full-time member? Don’t worry – we’re looking for reliable affiliates with whom we can collaborate from time to time.


If any of these scenarios fit you, drop us a line at