Workshops & Rehearsals

Mikey Reiach’s production workshops began Monday night at the National Dance School. I (Nicolette) caught the end of the workshop, and I can tell you that those people who are enrolled in it are getting great exposure to what it takes to create live theatre.

I’ll reiterate: the workshops are free of charge, but they do carry the obligation of having the people who finish them being involved in the productions of Shakespeare in Paradise.

Look, I’ll be honest: we need all the hands we can get. But we won’t have time to train complete novices, which is why Mikey’s workshop’s so important for us. There’s a guarantee, though. You’ll be getting a nice chunk of theory and a bit of demonstration in the workshop, but you’ll get the real thing in the festival.

Scary? Sure. But it’ll be exciting as well. And hey — forget all the myths about theatre not being good for making a living. If you’re a techie, and a good techie, and you’re willing to travel, you’ll bust that myth in a hurry.

Just ask Mikey.


And meantime, Craig Pinder’s rehearsals for The Tempest are moving on, and rehearsals have shifted from one cast member’s house to another, bigger one. (Can you say shortage of rehearsal spaces in Nassau, everybody?)

Patti-Anne Ali arrives on Saturday, and after that the real work begins. Right now — the play’s getting read again, and everybody’s reading it.

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