Shakespeare in Paradise Outreach

SiP outreach programmes to look out for: The Young Artists’ Programme, which invites artists at the beginning of their careers to design posters for Shakespeare in Paradise productions. In return, they receive season tickets to our productions, invitations to public events, the chance to work with a seasoned graphic artist, and are ... More

Coming this Fall: SiP 2011

September 30-October 8, 2011 Student previews September 28-29 Featuring: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Bard To Go Mariah Brown SiP's Play Reading Series Young Artists' Programme Theatre Workshops SiP Festival Bar and more!!! Keep your eye on this space for updates and new information! More

Shakespeare in Paradise Shoestring Workshops

After a short hiatus to close out this year’s business, Shakespeare in Paradise is back on track. We are preparing to host our flagship workshop programme in conjunction with the Shoestring Players. Michael Calderone (link good for Facebook members only) will be holding the inaugural workshop, designed for those who will become teachers ... More

Workshops & Rehearsals

Mikey Reiach's production workshops began Monday night at the National Dance School. I (Nicolette) caught the end of the workshop, and I can tell you that those people who are enrolled in it are getting great exposure to what it takes to create live theatre.I'll reiterate: the workshops are free of charge, but they do carry the obligation of ... More

Production Workshops Full!

Fifteen people have been admitted into the Production Workshops (how exciting is that?!), which means that unless someone drops out, Mikey has his hands full. You can still email him at mreiach (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested and he will let you know if a space opens up. We're excited!!! Hope you are too! More

Shakespeare in Paradise Production Workshops

Shakespeare In Paradise Production Workshops start on Monday August 17, 2009. Bahamian theatre technician Michael Reiach, graduate of the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning’s theatre programme and veteran lighting and sound operator, will share his expertise with interested students in preparation for the ... More