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Artwork for SiP 2016

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="2" gal_title="SiP 2016 Artwork"] This year's artwork was coordinated by Art Director Lindsay Braynen. This year's artists were: Zora - Lindsay Braynen for SiP 2009, updated to 2016 Macbeth - Tammy Ali-Burrows for SiP 2016 The World is My Home - Reuno Pratt for SiP 2010, updated to 2016 You Can ... More

You Can Lead A Horse To Water

A play by Winston V. Saunders with Music and Rhythms by Cleophas R.E. Adderley Jr., is the most critically acclaimed play in the history of Bahamian Theatre. It was first performed in Nassau, at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts, in 1983 to rave reviews, and then presented to a Freeport audience shortly after its ... More

Shakespeare in Paradise 2016

Ringplay Productions is proud to announce its 8th Annual Shakespeare in Paradise Theatre Festival from September 25th though October 8th, 2016! 2016 is a special year for more than one reason.  April 23rd marked Shakespeare's 400th birthday. October 3rd will be Winston Saunders' 75th. We hope to break all records in ... More

Our Jane

A long time ago, Jane Poveromo arrived at a Ringplay Productions meeting with some sobering news. She'd been diagnosed with cancer, she told us. Nothing too serious, nothing too extensive, but something that needed immediate treatment. "It's very fancy cancer," she told us. "Farrah Fawcett's got it. I'm in good company." Anal ... More

Calendar for SiP 2015

People have been asking for us to republish the calendar for the festival. Here it is: More

Announcing a new partner for our festival!

SiP 2015 is pleased to be partnering with the 20th International Culture, Wine & Food Festival this year! The ICWAFF came on board as a production sponsor! Visit their page and support their events! More

Shakespeare in Paradise 2015 Productions

Twelfth Night, this year's signature Shakespeare production, takes William Shakespeare’s side-splitting comedy and sets it in 1650s Eleuthera, directed by Trinidadian director Patti-Anne Ali. This production will take place on the Main Stage at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts. The art work for this play is by 14 ... More

Auditions – Twelfth Night

Auditions for Twelfth Night, directed by Patti-Anne Ali, will be held on the Dundas Main Stage on Tuesday July 28 at 6:30 PM. Audition pieces may be downloaded below Setting: Eleuthera, 1650 CHARACTER BREAKDOWNS Orsino: The present Governor of Eleuthera. Besotted with Olivia, daughter of the previous Governor, his love is ... More

The Landlord Cast

Casting is now complete for the Signature Bahamian production for Shakespeare in Paradise 2015, The Landlord by Sam Boodle. Directed by Shakespeare in Paradise's Artistic Director, Philip A. Burrows, the production goes into rehearsal on July 1st and is scheduled to have both student matinee and public performances during ... More