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Decompression and Forward Movement

Well, the first Shakespeare in Paradise has wrapped, and we've been hibernating for the last week or so, trying to decompress and think about how to move forward. But you can't recover forever, and it's time now for us to begin thinking about next year. But there are still some things that we have to do to close out this ... More

Day Eight at Shakespeare in Paradise

Today is the final day of the first annual Shakespeare In Paradise theatre festival. There is a double bill scheduled at The Dundas for 3:00p.m. The productions are Caribbean Voices and Music of The Bahamas. EVERY seat for this event has been either booked or sold. If you are still trying to get tickets, the only possible way ... More

Day Seven at Shakespeare in Paradise

Two days left before the closing of the first annual Shakespeare In Paradise theatre festival. Yesterday, One White One Black and Music of The Bahamas played a double bill at The Dundas. A few people, mostly parents with children, skipped the first show because of the "C" rating and then came in for Music of The Bahamas. There ... More

Day Six at Shakespeare in Paradise

Really good houses again last night at The Dundas (The Tempest), The Marley Resort (Music of The Bahamas) and at the NAGB (Zora). The Tempest by flashlight: A relatively short power cut (by BEC standards) took place yesterday during the matinee performance of The Tempest. Flashlights came out and the actors continued until the ... More

Day Five at Shakespeare in Paradise

Full houses last night at both at The Dundas, for The Tempest, and at The Humidor for Music of The Bahamas. Zora is having its second performance this evening at the NAGB and The Tempest continues at The Dundas. All shows tonight begin at 8:00p.m.The Box Office continues at The Dundas 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday thru Saturday. ... More

Notes from the Field

Every day, Arts Bahamas (otherwise known as Conch Een Ga No Bone) sends out an email updating subscribers about the festival. We're running around all week from place to place, putting out fires here and there, so just to keep us current, I've started posting the updates here. Watch this space! More

Day Four at Shakespeare in Paradise

Today marks the half way point of the Shakespeare In Paradise theatre festival. We have only heard very good responses about last night's opening of Zora at the NAGB. At The Dundas, Caribbean Voices was also well received and people are still discussing and debating One White One Black. Even though the Bahamas Plays and Films ... More

Day Three at Shakespeare in Paradise

We have arrived at day three, and tonight Shakespeare In Paradise will introduce the public to two more plays. Zora will have its first festival performance at the National Art Gallery and One White One Black will share a double bill at the Dundas with Caribbean Voices, which had its festival debut last night at The Hub. Both ... More

Day Two at Shakespeare in Paradise

We had a great opening night last night for Shakespeare In Paradise!  The audience response for both Music of The Bahamas and Love In Two Acts was very high. The festival continues tonight with Music of The Bahamas, again at The Dundas, starting at eight o'clock, and Caribbean Voices joins Love In Two Acts for a double bill ... More

Shakespeare in Paradise Kicks Off

The first shows of our first theatre festival opened last night to solid and appreciative audiences. A person can't be in all places at once, so I attended the opening night of Music of The Bahamas at the Dundas, while the people at the Hub and our trusty volunteers handled the audience at the Hub for Love in Two Acts. And ... More