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Well, ladies and gentlemen! The word is out and tickets are about to go on sale in the next week or so. We're already receiving inquiries! So just in case you're wondering, here's what you need to know for now (and hold your horses till next week -- we'll start selling one month before the festival opens). We're finalizing our ... More

Setbacks and Solutions

Well, as we announced, Patti-Anne Ali, our co-director for The Tempest, arrived in Nassau last week. She's been working with the cast all week, and been allowing Craig to switch hats and focus on developing the character of Prospero. But nothing is without complication. There have been a couple of setbacks for the cast of The ... More

Shakespeare in Paradise on Star 106.5 FM Tomorrow

Check Star 106.5 FM tomorrow, Thursday August 27th, when Tony and Greg will talk about SHAKESPEARE IN PARADISE with Nicolette Bethel and Philip Burrows during the "Morning Express". Tune in and be informed! More

Kim Brockington talks about her Excitement to Bring Zora to The Bahamas

Kim Brockington had so much to say about coming to The Bahamas in October and performing Zora, a one woman tour de force written by Laurence Holder and directed by Wynn Handman. Here are Kim's sentiments summed into a few precious words: I can not even express my excitement! First of all, it means more to me to come to ... More

Creating a Festival: Shakespeare in Paradise

Over on the Ringplay Blog, Nicolette Bethel's started a series of posts about the creation and the development of Shakespeare in Paradise. Maybe it's a little premature, given the fact that we're just starting out. But it's always good to keep a record about one's failures and successes, and the series aims to do just that. ... More

Music of The Bahamas Rehearsals Begin

Music of The Bahamas was auditioned on the weekend at St. George's Anglican church in the Valley, and began rehearsals at the same place last night. Directed by Philip Burrows, who is mounting the production for the fourth time, with Adrian Archer as Musical Director -- his first time in this role -- this production, which ... More

Production Workshops Continue

We've come to the last week of Mikey Reiach's Production Workshops, and the number of participants has settled to around 15 or so. This week, participants learned about what happens backstage in a production -- learned the age-old skills of making it work. Theatre isn't all about getting up and Acting; to be able to do that ... More

Shakespeare in Paradise (and other things) on the Morning Boil tomorrow morning

We got a phonecall from Island FM inviting the president of Shakespeare in Paradise, Nicolette Bethel, to appear on "The Morning Boil" after the news on Thursday August 20. Shakespeare in Paradise isn't the only topic of conversation, but it'll be one of the things we're talking about. So why not tune in? Tomorrow. After the ... More

October 5-12, 2009


Workshops & Rehearsals

Mikey Reiach's production workshops began Monday night at the National Dance School. I (Nicolette) caught the end of the workshop, and I can tell you that those people who are enrolled in it are getting great exposure to what it takes to create live theatre.I'll reiterate: the workshops are free of charge, but they do carry the ... More